Nordic Rock Booking

What is Nordic Rock Booking?

Nordic Rock Booking is an association led by volunteers who work to present the metal genre to an ever-growing audience and document to the public what great musical qualities and talents this genre contains. Nordic Rock Booking has since 2001 been working on expanding the metal scene in Aalborg.

This has been done through continuous events with international, Danish and local metal bands at various venues in Aalborg and not least through the Aalborg Metal Festival, which today is one of the country’s largest within its genre.


Aalborg Metal Festival

The Aalborg Metal Festival is the largest annual Nordic music metal event arranged by Nordic Rock Booking. The festival was held for the first time in 2002, as a one-day festival, with smaller artists, and since then evolved to be a three-day event, where up to 30-40 artists are presented during Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

These artists are both Danish and international acts, and among them smaller national acts, where we give each the chance to profile themselves on the Danish music scene. This development has been possible due to the choice of a consistently high level bookings for the event. We do not compromise on the quality of the festival, neither to artists, to the audience, nor to the many volunteers who give us an indispensable help each year, and helps us to make the festival run smoothly. Be it both volunteers from Nordic Rock Bookings members and volunteers from the Studenterhuset Aalborg.

This development has also been possible, due to the great attention from both the audience and the Danish music press. All in all, Nordic Rock Booking, Aalborg Metal Festival and the Aalborg metal environment are in a rapid development – Aalborg is the place where things happen in the province. This is where the big Danish metal bands have their base, this is where the new talents come from and this is where the country’s (Jylland) largest metal festival takes place.

More than just concerts!

From the beginning, the festival has been divided into two areas: the Metal Market and the Concerts.

The Metal Market is the part of AMF that presents the genre to the audience. It is held in the café at Studenterhuset and is therefore an open market for everyone. Here, the audience are presented to the genre in many of its aspects. There are stands with everything from clothes and merchandise, covering everything from door mats to rivet bracelets to musical instruments. This is also where the Danish metal companies present their latest releases, as well their newest offerings. The place where people come into dialogue with the companies, unsigned artists has the opportunity to promote themselves face to face and generally debate the subsoil.

You have the opportunity to meet with the artits, who have made clinics, where artists come and entertain the audience with a more intimate display of musical properties. This is also the place where the audience, who usually do not know the Metal environment, can come and experience what it is all about. Get rid of some of the myths that surround the metal people – but first and foremost, to experience the incredibly cozy atmosphere during the festival.

The Team

Mikkel Larsen

Managing Director

Trine Kristiansen

Head of Finance

Brian Rasmussen


Mircea Gabriel Eftemie

Head of Programme

Lars Kristiansen

Head of Press

Tania Kvist

Head of Volunteers

Kenneth Bryhl

Head of Digital